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06-07-2012, 07:58 AM
Originally Posted by Firestar31 View Post
Awesome build, tried it, absolutely love it! Even tho my equipment (torp launchers in particular) are far from perfect, I still feel like i'm doing pretty well in STFs.
Have a few questions tho:
1.) Are Quantum torps a viable alternative?
2.) Could it be worth using Torp Spread instead of High Yield?
3.) I prefer the looks of the RSV, but i'm worried about losing that Tractor Beam and Ablative Armor.

Also, if i went with the RSV, my Tac BO layout would probably be HYT1, APB 1, HYT1.
What do you think?
Quick answers as I am at work (not that I am actually working of couse)

1. Yes and No, assuming you dont give up another Doff slot, (only using 2 PWDoffs), Quantums give higher burst but lower sustained DPS. It might be a good decision to switch to Qs for PvP and stick with Ps for PvE. Only a side note, if you use 3xPurple PWDoffs, the DPS of the Q out performs that of the Ps but only by about 1% at the cost of an additional doff (I will try to find the math I did to prove this).

2. Yes and No (again), I always prefer my dmg to go where I want it, TS (assuming you hit the correct targets) does more DPS than THY, but given that so many objects in STFs are shielded from hard untill X Y Z is done, the DPS you do to these targets is pointless. This is also how you see 15k DPS escorts running BFW3x2 (but the DPS they actually do in reality is much much lower, as most of it just instantly regens on the shielded structures).

3. RSV is a Dill ship, nothing says you can't purchase both, personnally I prefer the look and feel of the Intrepid, but different strokes for different folks and all that. The build its self was designed specifically for the Intrepid but that is not to say that it wont work with the RSV.