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06-07-2012, 08:52 AM
the ideas are good but i used my excelsior as a DPS cruiser originally the gunships were dps cruiser but they have sometimes switched to AOE and KENETIC DAMAGE i prefer dual beams and 1 forward beam 2 rear 1 forward quatuim and 1 rear but it can be tweeked to be changed the turrets are mainly used for cannons and turrets combined the ENG team i have on the Gunship i own can save my life sometimes but i only have 1 with tactical team and sci team and reroute shield strength saves my life when i use aegis set two since gunships are a mix between cruisers and escorts some escort builds work when you leave out the DHC but if your a klingon that changes the Vorcha retrofit works well my tank got shredded but the vorcha's shields arn't as good since the guy only used borg shields polaron can work well with klingons i don't know what happened to make it like that but anyways the klingon gunships counter well but shield and hull ressistance goes down the drain the dps on the gunships changes depends on the type of shields and hull resistance you prefer flying style also changes everything.