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06-07-2012, 09:11 AM

Please see this thread as to some of my observations on why ppl don't pvp and some RELATIVELY simple tweaks that could be made a band-aids while more fundamental (re-)engineering is done.

The brief version is: STO PVP doesn't *FEEL* like Star Trek, so why play? People play this game to feel like they ARE Kirk/Picard/you fav cpt.

In addition, if cloaking mechanics were tweaked, it would provide a much more interesting, Trek-y PVP environment. Here are my cloak tweak suggestions.

1) no more "normal cloak" and "battle cloak". For either faction. Cloak is cloak. If not in cool-down, it can be activated, red alert or not. No defensive buf (as current battle cloak has now), but a defensive DE-buff (that is what always happened in Trek). Current cloak mechanics are very non-Trek-y, and one of things contributing to why ppl don't like PVP in this game. Maybe Feds have longer cooldowns? Maybe damage to shield systems can put cloak back into cool-down? Many options. Maybe Klingons can get a new "battle" cloak with shorter cooldown, or lower chance of shield damage triggering cooldown... As i said, many options that DON'T require a complete overhaul.

2) The b'rel cloak can remain as-is as a special cloak for the c-store ship....

3) Torpedos are, once again central, as they are so slow now that they are useless against a cloaking ship, even if a defensive de-buff is added for activating cloak. See my linked post for a long discussion of Torpedoes.