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# 2 Basis for the Wall
06-07-2012, 09:44 AM
I was so impressed with the SBUGC List of Great Missions that I decided to create a Wall of Commendation, based on that list, on a fleet forum. I don't know why I didn't create it here but I should have and so here it is.

I have never written one of these missions but I certainly am enjoying these stories. I know that many authors put a tremendous amount of time, thought, and emotion into these very creative tales and they deserve as much commendation for their efforts as any of us can give.

I understand that the SBUGC List of Great Missions is "alive" and will continue to grow through the weeks, months and years ahead. This "Wall of Commendation" will mirror those list changes accordingly.

Here are the current rules specified by Kirkfat for the SBUGC List.
Rules: If a missions is favorably reviewed by a Podcast, it makes the list. If it is spotlighted, or if it is a contest winner, it makes the list. Otherwise, you may nominate a mission for the list (other than your own mission). If it's seconded with a vote, it makes the list. Missions centered around fleets will be an exception here. No console clickers can be nominated.

6/12/2012 List Stats

Federation Missions
Series: 17
Standalone: 111

Klingon Missions
Series: 0
Standalone: 33