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06-07-2012, 10:53 AM
Originally Posted by Nigels84 View Post

I know there already are some threads that address this problem, but as there is no reason to think anyone of Cryptic is aware of it, because as I see it there never was a response, I'll try again.

So here it is again: None of the accolades you could get in the Deep Space Encounters are available anymore. I don't talk about any Red Alerts, I mean the [Any Sector Block] Rookie, Combatant and Defender Accolades.
Way back, the missions for those DSEs were switched off, but we were told that the counter for the accolades still moves on without the missions. Well I tested it and it doesn't. I didn't tried to get an old mission from someone to share it every time, but I don't think this works, either.

So, after a few months, may any official, like Branflakes or anyone else who reads this, look into this and tell me/us, what will happen there? Will it be possible to do these accolades again in any future? Or can we forget about it to get anywhere near the cap of the accolade points? (all those accolades sum up for 850 points)
Here! Here! I agree that they should bring them back! for all of us!