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06-07-2012, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
I'm going to make some guesses here.

It will cost roughly 1600 C-Points.
Most ships at Tier 5 cost this much although there are exception and of these exceptions they all have two Features. The Gal X has a Cloak and a Spinal Lance. The MVAE has a Hybrid BOFF layout and Seperation. The Atrox, it's a Carrier and it's a Carrier (OK Unique Fighters). 1600 Point ships have one Feature. Saucer Seperation, New BOFF layouts, and other such things.

It will be a Tier 5 Ship
While it may or may not fit, there's little point to releasing it as a lower tier ship I am willing to bet more Tier 5 ships have been sold than any other Tier. If it's Tier 5 you can use it at end game and compete. If it's a lower Tier (one would argue it would have made a better Tier 3 than what we got) it would be used for a week or two and than replaced by a bigger better ship.

When? Yeah I'm not that Brave, Season six? But do we expect to see another ship Season five?
The Dreadnaught cruiser... Is 2k points, not 1600. Defiant Retrofit has a cloaking console... That's about it and it's 1600 rofl. Of course for a little ship, it's pretty damn tough.