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06-07-2012, 10:21 AM
I don't really think I should be explaining the names of my ships :p

Miranda Class = USS Saratoga

named after the USS Saratoga of Wolf 359

Constitution Class = USS Constellation

named after the USS Constellation of the Doomsday episode

Cheyenne Class = USS Ahwahnee

named after the USS Ahwahnee of Wolf 359.

Galaxy Class = USS Magellan

named after the USS Magellan of the Dominion Wars (galaxy class)

My other ships of the feds, don't remember them..

Klingon vessels:

Bird of prey: IKV Rotarron

named after Martok's bird of prey

K'tinga: euh don't remember actually, lemme see later

Vor'cha attack cruiser: IKV Bor'tas

named after Gowron's flagship the Bortas in TNG.

and finally my Negh'Var, IKV Negh'Var, named after Martok's flagship ..