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06-07-2012, 11:00 AM
It looks like I came in a little late to this thread, but I decided to post something when you mentioned those abandoned Odyssey prototypes. Let me tell you a little tale of my ship, the USS Dreadnought, which is among the dwindling number of the relatively unkown Odyssey Star Cruisers.

During STO's second anniversary event (a few days after I came into the game) the Odyssey was introduced. Anyone who wanted one could get one, absolutely free. I couldn't miss the opportunity so I quickly got my character to level 5 to do the mission. 25 days after recieving my requistion pack, I was able to open it. While not much better than a star cruiser, the Odysseys were still the first of their kind. But not much later, there was that Dev blog about the Advanced Odyssey cruisers. All of a sudden, they started appearing everywhere. Now I rarely find one of the originals. The C-store states that the advanced cruisers improve on the base star cruiser design. Nowadays many people don't know what that means. Ships like mine are disappering. Soon they will be all be gone, all replaced, all thrown away. All except mine. The introduction of the new Odysseys brought out great new cruisers, but obsoleted two. The operations cruiser is superior to the Galaxy-R, and... I've already explained what's happening to the free Odysseys (which I'm just going to call Odyssey-S). Although, unlike the Galaxy-R, the Odyssey-S looks like its C-store counterparts. This means that people will not realize their passing. They will just see things looking exactly the same and never know that there was another.

The moral of the story is don't let the Odyssey Star Cruisers fade away. The Galaxy-R deserves to be kept alive and so does the Odyssey-S. They aren't bad ships, they are just outdated. But to those of us who realize it... they can still be used and deserve to. I want people to know where their fancy $25 Odyssey cruiser came from.