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06-07-2012, 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by danqueller
This is not official, just my own take on the design.

Based off the stats for the Excelsior and Galaxy class in the game, and that this ship filled the gap between, the final stats would probably look something like this:

Tier 3 ship

Hull Points: 28000
Fore Weapons: 3
Aft Weapons: 3
Crew: 850

Tactical: 2
Engineering: 2
Science: 1

Shield Modifier: 1.0

Bridge Officer Positions:

Tactical: 1 Lt.
Engineering: 1 Commander, 1 Ensign
Science: 1 Lt.

Turn: 7
Inertia: 25

Power: +5 to all systems

Again, this is only my own estimation based on the T3 Excelsior and T4 Galaxy class, and what is known about the class from the media. It's reasonable to assume that, if it is brought up in a Retrofit T4 or T5 variant that these stats would change to reflect the new tier, so this is just baseline data for comparison and speculation. Also, if it was a C-Store ship, a special ability console would be expected to be made for this ship, though I have no idea what it would be (maybe one that gives it the ability to subsystem target like a Science ship, but that's just one idea). Note that as it has to fit between a T3 c-store ship and a T4 regular ship, it's hard to strike the right placement of things.

As always, the Devs have the final say, and their ideas for the class may not appear anything like this. Also, as has been said, there is no clear idea when, or even if, this ship will see flight in STO.
Have you read Al Rivera's post??? I believe it said the Ambassador would be similar / on-par with the Excelsior, and a T3 / T5 combo deal. It's nice to speculate on the Ambassador, however Al took a good chunk of his time to make a posting about this about 2 months ago to stop these kinds of posts and speculation. Once you read his post, this answers a lot of speculation, and makes your ship design sort of...obsolete. Not to be critical or anything.....but you should probably read his post.