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Originally Posted by Tim3822 View Post
Been trying this build out in PvP and it's pretty sweet, managed to toast an Odyssey in a single pass but I feel like a lemon flying around cloaked waiting for my cool downs to finish so I can alpha again. It's fun though, took a few people by surprise although there was an absolutely mental Defiant retrofit pilot there who handed my *** to me more than a few times.

I do have a question though, on how a built similar to this may be viable for STF's or PvE in general. Does anyone have much success in these areas with the B'Rel? It's my favourite KDF ship so I really want to fly it over the ugly modern BoP's. Would welcome any suggestions .
It actually works fine enough even in PVE. You have the luxury of even flying uncloaked because PVE is mindnumbingly easy Again, you're not minimizing any energy input to weapons, since you do not use Energy Weapons at all, so that energy can be sent to other systems.

It's even more apparent if you use alot of Sci abilities with your Torpedo Boat. Grave Well 2/3 to bunch up a slew of NPCs and Torp Spread, and / or Bio-Neural Warhead to kill everything off in one swoop. Against the Borg, it can do tremendous amount of damage, most especially since some objectives are unshielded to begin with. Or fly in, Charged Particle Burst, which works pretty well in PVE to weaken shields, then throw all those torpedoes in. It's what you're creative with.

Between having some mix of High Yield Torp and Torp Spread, as well as weapons that aren't affected by those abilities (Hargh'peng, Breen Cluster, Bio-Neural WH, and mines), you always should have something to throw. Of course, you can cloak up and save everything, charge up your best Attack Patterns, Tac Team, etc. for a huge Alpha Strike.

Again, just like PvP, the Torpedo Boat will fly very differently. It's not a scrum fighter flying in furballs. You should be making fast slashing attacks in PvE as well as PvP.

Another plus in PvP is that, if you're harassing the opposing team long enough, they go out of their way to keep an eye on you. Dangerous for you, and you better be on your toes to escape when they try to catch you decloak for a Torp Run. But if there's players so fixed on looking out for you, then that's a plus for your team. They're distracted, if even for a bit, and won't be slamming hard into the other guys on your team if they're staring around the battlefield waiting for you to decloak. It works VERY well in Capture & Hold missions, where I'll do enough to harass a portion of the team and they go out of their way trying to find and scan for me in some backwards corner of the map. Better that than them flying to a fight to swing the battle into their favor with more ships.