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06-07-2012, 05:48 PM
Originally Posted by Darkfader1988
Paratrinic Shield

its a cap 3, reg-1 cov. if you were around when the mk X cap 3 cov was available for marks you were better off using that. but its pretty good if you have nothing better.

Originally Posted by drkfrontiers
Covariant Shield Array
SCI - Emitter Array + Field Generator
ENG - Ablative Hull Armor, Tetraburnium Hull Armor, Parametallic Hull Plating

Never fails.
strong tet, plas, pol and antiproton defense but low end phaser and disrupter defense? thanks to the proc, phasers are most likely to hit your hull... i'd prefer Diburnium, Ablative, and Parametallic, or 3 Neutronium for the kinetic and all energy resist too.

in my experience, its heals that does most of your shield repairing, the actual regeneration plays a much smaller part. use a cov if you have enough heals to keep your shields healthy, or if you want to hit and run with the best chance of survival. also, nothing lets you live through an alpha like a cov, regardless if you can keep it healed in the long run. its like an insurance policy against oneshots, its hard to justify not useing them in any situation. only the lol maco is the exception really, theres no reason not to use the maco, khg, omega or borg shield, they are simply the best. the KHG is a cap4, reg 1, i might like that thing more then a maco, on my klink cruiser users.