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Originally Posted by IntelHawk View Post
Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice with my build here mainly for elite STFs and maybe some PvP

Here are my thoughts on some of the things that I think I'd like to change:

Scramble Sensors 1: In elite STFs this seems almost completely useless. It either has no effect or it lasts for less than 2 or 3 seconds (even though the tooltip says it will last for more than 9 seconds at the power levels I use).

I experimented with using Transfer Shield Strength 2 in that slot but I'm concerned about the shared cooldown with TSS 3. Would Feedback Pulse 1 be a good choice? (I'm aware it also shares CD with TSS)

Gravity Well 1: Is it worth it? I was experimenting with Feedback Pulse 2 here and the damage output was impressive, but again, the issue with shared CD with TSS is making me reconsider. Would Viral Matrix 1 work here? The purple Gravimetric duty officer ability intrigues me though.

I appreciate any thoughts you guys may have on this!
Scramble Sensors and Feedback Pulse are PVP science skills.
Gravity Well III is MUST HAVE for ELITE STFs.
IF you want STF build;
It goes with Science team I,Transfer shield strenght II,Tractor beam I,tractor beam II,Hazard Emitters III(find purple boff with this, same goes for GW III),polarize hull,emergency power to shields I,emergency power to shields II(you can swap this one for ET I for PVP since it is great agains graviton pulse),tactical team and attack pattern beta or torpedo high yield 2.

For weapon set on LRSV-R best goes phasers,tetryons and polarons with photon torpedos or chronitom torpedos(some use quantum but leave that to escorts).
Note;Don't experiment using anti-protons on LRSV-R.Thats for escorts and assault cruisers.You are not DPS,leave that to escorts.
I don't know how goes tactical in LRSV-R but Science class and Engineer class are best for him.

But overall it all depends what is your playstyle.
Is it shield stripper,power drainer,or subsystem one(this you are not since you dont have some science class skills only for this).
Science ships are difficult to build,they can be healers or CC's.
But healing abillities leave that more to cruisers,your focus is CC.
Thats why I am quite suspicious about Tactical in LRSV-R.
I would more suggest you Luna since he has that extra tactical BO slot and i saw some of my fleetmates as tacticals flying Luna and they say it is good for tacs.
I do fly LRSV-R but as science officer,and science officer in LRSV-R is a beast when it comes to CC.

By the way, your skill tree is very bad.
It seems you didn't know where to put skill points and what to focus on.
I would suggest you this skill build for LRSV-R;

Like I mention before your job is not DPS in LRSV-R.It is to do CC with using phaser,tetryons or polarons.
So remove skill points in critical weapon damage and critical torpedo damage.