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06-07-2012, 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
how about both?

the maco shield is a great balance of both with a passive 10% reduction of all energy damage...(which is kind of like a 10% cap bonus)

and then augment that on a sci ship or carrier with the capacity or regen fit your playstyle.

have fun kill bad guys!

I had actually sent CaptainHorizon this previously, but just wanted to expand a bit on what Mustrum posted.

Assuming 125 Power for 35% resistance, let's add the following:

EPTS 1 = 18% (0.18)

MACO 10% resistance bonus = (0.1) *ignoring plasma

Resistance = 1-((1-0.35)*(1-0.1)*(1-0.18)) = 52%


Again, 125 power.

EPTS 1 = 18% (0.18)

Resistance = 1-((1-0.35)*(1-0.18)) = 46.7%

So a gain of 5.3%, if my math is correct.

Which is still very good, it's still 5% more on top of cutting all bleed-through in half, and power conduit link.

Originally Posted by Darkfader1988
MACO 10% + 5% absorb = 15% + 10 stacks of Power conduit = about 15-20%? Pretty good for a shield

Still kinda worrysome that so many (long term) pvp'ers still do not take any consideration of resistance or SDR into account.

AFAIK the absorption only affects bleed-through to hull (and is still fantastic, cutting it in half).

As for the rest, the amount of extra resistance you get from a full 5 stacks of power conduit will change depending on what else you are running (EPTS, TSS or ESS tossed on you) as well as what that extra +10 power brings your shield power total to.

EDIT: Ok, this prompted me to finally finish this that I had half done for a while.


I don't fully understand how EPTS functions in combination with a Shield's native regen ability, so I've left that out.