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06-07-2012, 10:14 PM
All these Type Rs and Type Ss make it look like a Honda showroom

Captain's Log, informal.
USS Relativity NCC-474439-A

I took the Odyssey-S out for a spin last night and managed to more or less complete the science trial build right after the server maintenance.

The ship handled well but with a LTC Science officer in the big universal slot, I realized this wasn't a tankable cruiser. I had to lighten the ship up and run her like a fast attack science vessel (I have a separate thread for that) with high engine and weapons power during maneuvering, and max auxiliary when deploying area control abilities.. of which there was only two - Gravity Well and Repulsors. I also have Power Siphon to significantly reduce the offensive and shield power from enemy ships along with the usual array of sensor scan, nucleonic beam, scattering field, etc available to a Science captain.

Still, those were perfectly adequate in all Normal STF maps once I found a way to maximise combat potential for this thing. Without the Galaxy's massive number of engineering powers I felt out of place and had to pick my fights, aiming not to do a sustained broadside but swoop in, drain power and start demolishing weakened shields as fast as possible.

As I couldn't use a Aux2Batt power to chop recharge times without severely compromising the Prototype's survivability (there are only 4 engineering slots), I simply used TT1 and Attack Pattern Beta 1 for tactical skills, which IMO is more potent than any of the other direct attack skills.

Serving as a command ship, the Odyssey Prototype I have has become not just yet another tanking cruiser but a high speed support platform. Gravity Well and repulsors by themselves can save Optionals for a team of cadet pilots. Power Siphon is useful to debuff general systems performance for almost any target that shoots back. Attack Pattern Beta benefits not just all ownship weapons for a significant amount of time, but also boosts cumulative team damage.

Lastly, without the ability to spam tactical abilities or tank, this ship is armed with dual rear photon torpedo launchers, dual beam banks and only a modest complement of beam arrays. The reason being - my Science character only has Mark X gear and he cannot min-max his energy weapon damage yet to make massive broadsides a viable tactic as it is for standard cruiser builds. Neither is the Odyssey a suitable short range assault configuration because it lacks the massive engineering capability of the Galaxy-R (since I use an LTC Science officer).

However, as a fast battlecruiser that picks its fights, draws aggro and shrugs off damage with Threat Control 6 whist giving any pursuing enemy a faceful of rapid fire photon torpedoes, it's a very good long range skirmisher. And when it swings around it starts draining power, firing off gravs and setting things up for Normal STF pilots to have an easier time playing and winning their first STF runs...

The frontal DBB bonus damage adds to fore torpedo firepower, while Attack Pattern Beta benefits both fore and rear torpedoes - with 2 Projectile Weapon doffs and 2 rear launchers the photon torpedo fire rate is epic. No need Hi Yield I or II there.

I'd say the Prototype Odyssey has made a name for itself just trying to fill in the scientific cruiser role. Once again there are better ships for the task of destroying the enemy, but what matters to me is setting up kills for the benefit of STO's junior and less experienced pilots and Science abilities are a very good way to control a map to grant PUGs a guaranteed chance of success.

And when the cadets see the Prototype sweeping through phaser and torpedo arcs at high speed demolishing and controlling things effectively, they too learn by example that cruiser piloting is not just about max power to shields and weapons. With limited shield heals (1x EPTS2, 1x RSP2, 1x ST, 1x TSS) this scientific Odyssey prototype is not a tank but if the shields get overwhelmed the hull is so strong that it doesn't tend to explode easily, especially where 2x Monotanium armor gives +70 or 45.2% kinetic resistance.

Best part about Monotanium alloy armor? It's dirt cheap, so if you can't afford 3x Rare Neutroniums, get Monos at 5000ec a piece and shrug off torpedoes like nobody cares - torpedoes, after all, are the main threat in PvE, not beam arrays.