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06-07-2012, 10:14 PM
I'm wondering if damage of transphasics will be reduced and if it will be able to be used to keep up with cannon builds like plasma can for ships like the b'rel.

Also the contraband thing I could agree with it being 4 hour intervals... but the increase to 5 contraband per turn in... that 2 extra contraband is kinda rough when the cool downs are usually around 2 days especially for freighters are just barely give enough if you do not fail those missions. I am just wondering if the contraband rewards will be adjusted for those of us who go out on a daily basis and search those out on 10+ or more toons. Average per toon seems to be about 5-15 every other day and with this setup you would really be turning in every other day to max cap if you got crits on every contraband rewarding mission.

The only other issue I have relating to contraband is those slavers are pretty high in dilithium but are not exactly working out as an investment there I've done some math on basically killing over 1000 npcs over the course of a few hours getting around 12 contraband out of thats very very very low odds that should be turned up as an alternate course of action to getting contraband.

Edit: One small note on the contraband issue is for the amount of time being invested to keep this up of having multiple avenues of legit ways to accumulate contraband if it is indeed going up to 5 and the timer doubled... A good example is turning pi canis more into what most mmorpgs have as dungeons or whatever or even new patrols like it involving marauding of freighters and such where contraband can be beamed out of freighters cargo and even getting contraband from finishing the bravo sortie. I like the doff system and how contraband has made it very appealing but I also would like to play the other aspects of the game and get what I need out of it too