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06-08-2012, 01:08 AM
RedShirtJohnson, I just spent about a half hour trying to think of a diplomatic way to say this, and I think I've managed it:

I would not mind at all if you chose to expand on your story, as what there is is quite interesting. I feel as though you have the beginnings of a great idea. Many of us would actually be prepared to play an actual mission. Don't be scared to enhance what is already there!

Also, here are 2 things to consider:

- An end date might not be a bad idea - it may even inspire others to join in.

- Consider making it 50 dil.

You want to farm with The Foundry, that's cool and I get that. But please realise that a large part of me didn't want to give you the whole 100 (I still did though) - because I want to save the top tip for Authors who have obviously spent ages on their work. That's NOT an insult, just how I feel. If there were an option to give 150 dil, I would then feel better about giving you 100. I really hope that makes sense to you. I hadn't even thought about this side of things when I went started your mission, but there you go.

But DON'T get discouraged - you are bringing a freshness and trying something for the first time yourself - that is why I supported your idea, and I admire your willingness to 'get up and have a go'.