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06-08-2012, 03:29 AM
Originally Posted by heizluefta View Post
...once again. I know about the gambling system. I know about droprates. I know about perfect world. I wont spend too much money for this.

But...once again.....your system sucks. Some do nothing like open few, and get one or two ships like Jem, Kora or Galor. I always tried. Spent some CPoints. Spent some Dil. Nothing.

All together, has to be about nearly 200-300 Boxes since December.

No Ship.

Thank you guys for just kidding with my money and my time.


P.S.: i know ! Itīs me spending resources for this system. Should not give one penny ! We all should not !
I agree, right now PWE/Cryptic are sucking as dry and returning with very little of anything until Season 6.

But as other posters have said, it doesn't take a genius to buy a bunch of keys/doff packs and just sell them in order to buy a ship. Hell, I don't even spend real money on C-Store things anymore, not until more stuff comes out. Until more C-Store purchases arrive i can easily rely on dilithium for it. It took me about 2-3 weeks to get about 170mill. I didn't even work that hard - i know players that play less/more then me with 10 times the amount on the toons.

If you really have bought about 300 boxes/keys since December then GOOD JOB! Your paying for the game so that I and 10 other people with brains don't need too