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06-08-2012, 04:23 AM
Originally Posted by Jake81499 View Post
There I was!!!

I just entered an ISE pug and out of the blue for no reason some clown starts yelling '$%@&^ you noobes!'

I say 'Uh, nobody's started even firing yet? So who's the noobe?'

The guy bales... :p

That was proof, that some people are just in there to be jerks... He was probably on vacation from middle school and has nothing better to do than be a jerk.

Life goes on, may his be filled with difficultys................

To be honest, whilst I haven't encountered what you experienced before, I have encountered some idiot spout off before the mission had started. He was gibbering about how the team was "fail" due to two science ships being present. I chose not to dignify his drivel with a response. And, typically, whilst I won'g pretend that his fleet escort was rubbish, I have seen better and, using target sub-systems/shield weakening/Viral Matrix III, Tetryon weaons & Tachyon Beam my T5 Bellerephon seemed to be almost as problematic to the Borg ships as his escort.