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Greetings daniz (^_^) I'm not the best person to reply to your questions, however I can answer those of them that I am pretty sure about the replies for. The rest will have to be answered by another I'm afraid ^_^''

Originally Posted by danizmax View Post

I have few questions I could answer on your forum info:

- do you allow only single characters to recruit or do you also take alts when recruiting the main character? Reason for this question is I regulary change between my characters.

Answer: Only your main toon/character will be accepted into the Main Fleet (12th Fleet). Alts can join the 12th Fleet reserve fleet witout having to apply. Just send one of the members of 12th Fleet reserve a PM once you're in-game, asking for invitation to 12th Fleet reserve...

- how ofter do I have to login per week?

Answer: There's no real requirement for how often you have to log in a week, however if you are inactive with your main for more than a month you might get 'kicked' from the fleet unless you have given a reason as to why you're not online. You can then always re-apply for the fleet once you get back to playing your main

- do you have a klingon fleet? and do I have to apply seperately?

Answer: Yes, we do have a Klingon fleet, called House of 12th (I think ^_^'') and you don't have to apply for that seperately. I believe an invitation for that is done in the same way as an invitation for 12th Fleet Reserve ...

- do you have european players who play STFs regualry?

Answer: I'm european and although I for my part don't play STFs, I can guarantee you that there are definately other european players who do play them regularly (^_^)

- are there any regualar contributions I have to give to the fleet, like EC, materials, or dilithium?

Answer: No. There is no forced "Fee" you have to pay to be in the fleet. However, if you have things like rare consoles and such that you don't need yourself, it would be appreciated if you placed them in the Fleet bank instead of selling them

I hope this was at least a bit helpful ^_^''