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06-08-2012, 06:42 AM
For my Odyssey-S, I put another tactical Boff in the universal space. Since I am a tactical officer, I get three more damage boosting abilities. So when I come into battle, I can be a broadsiding DPS death machine for about ten seconds or so. (I am thinking about kerrat here) Then there are the people who think a little cloud of warp plasma or theta radiation can stop me. I simply fly through it and use hazard emitters, while at the same time dumping warp plasma on them as they come close to me. Now, since this is an Odyssey-S we are talking about here, I'm not making kills all over the place. But thanks to several hull and shield abilities I can hold up for a long time. I have three different damage types I can switch to (tetryon, AP, and plasma-disruptor hybrid) with six beam arrays of each. Then since I'm not getting the torpedo's firing arc on my target all the time, two quantum torpedoes (one fore and aft) finish the job with high yield or spread. Then I have three or four different sets to choose from, but I really only use one. Not to mention my subsytem power levels... weapons are 125/100, I don't remember what the shield goes up to but I'm going to guess 70-80/50. Engines and auxiliary are both 54/25. That's all I'm going to share about it but if you watch my ship in battle you might be able to see the full range of abilities I'm using.

I would love to pit the Odyssey-S vs Galaxy-R, just to see which would win, an overwhelming old ship or an underwhelming new one.