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06-08-2012, 09:16 AM
Very comprehensive list Greendragoon, thanks for putting this together! Someone should do a video rundown....Kirkfat....

If I might add a couple things:
There is now a character counter/limit display when you type in a dialogue window or in the main mission description. Useful little feature.

The Atrox and D'Kora have been in the costume creator for some time on Holodeck. However the bit about setting materials differently on different pieces is certainly new, I wonder if they'll be allowing that in the ship costuming for our regular characters...

You can sort the objects on your map object list by name, type and a couple other filters. Not sure if this affects what is on top of what in the 2D editor. Probably not, but that would be worth testing.

Lastly the changes to Utopia Planitia. It has a much-improved 2D map, the glass doors have been removed so we can get into the conference rooms, the UP backdrop is in for us to use, and the glorious Thundercougarfalconbird has been replaced by a hopelessly mundane Nova class hologram. How sad.