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06-08-2012, 10:17 AM
Well MOMO it sure does beat losing vauled weight to flu and
not being very Jubilant since monday afternoon

hands started shaking i closed the window and stated a fire.. hoping to regain balance to properly see brother off to the philippians.. but breakign out in a drenching sweat and dizzy aches...

I thought i had DAwsoned.. but this sterling constitution rebounds.. thanks to cans of soup and souring milk as i could not shop for days.. whats breads again? no BACON for 4 some days oh my.. it was no Jubilee..

Buit i did have a supply of nice ice cream gained back have a days loss yesterday. i may have sweated off
17 of my weight saturday past to this morning. now to nap.. wake me for meals.

i forgot to turn my audio off at least i powered down pc and screen out of instinct and they worked today.. poor neglectted pc..