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06-08-2012, 12:29 PM
Quiet simply I am not a Star Trek fan or sci-fi either... I am a big mmo fan. But here is my opinion on DS9 (what I have viewed with my husband). Please take the following with some humor;

DS9 is like watching life at a truckstop... first episode? I think they all go "What a dump." then boom aliens build an off ramp and they start selling t-shirts, burgers, and fries. I did like the character Odo.

TNG constantly contradicted themselves on what they could or could not do. This is not a problem with the show but so many different writers working on it. One claims they don't use money but they gamble and buy stuff using gold pressed latnum. The pseudo science never matched up from show to show. But there were more episodes I could watch of this than any other in the series.

Voyager was the worst from conception to death. A strange mix of Gilligan's Island and Lost in Space. I actually enjoyed Gilligan's Island more, although never understood how a man could take 2 coconuts and make a nuclear reactor. But never able to repair a 3 foot hole in a boat or fix the AM radio into a transmitter. Oops... Captain Janeway... who appointed her God? That is how I felt about every single episode.

Well you asked my opinion and that is about it, I do enjoy this game more than any of the TV or movies. Why? Because we are a community of real people and not actors up on a stage.