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06-08-2012, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
  • The Foundry editor has been re-opened!
  • There are some projects that will need to be edited before they can be republished, but most of them will auto-republish just fine.
  • Multi-select has been added!
    • Left-click now defaults to multi-select.
      • This is changeable in the Map menu.
    • Middle-click and space+left-click pan the map.
  • There are additional behaviors available for contacts and NPC groups.
    • Have fun!
  • The controls in the costume editor have been updated.
  • Image previews for ground objects and contacts are now in 3D.
    • Itís a known issue that some of the image previews are cropped incorrectly for contacts.
  • Mission flow has been changed.
    • Rather than having map transitions created automatically, an author needs to manually place them.
    • All objectives must be placed on a map.
    • Maps cannot be placed inside Complete Alls.
    • There is a new objective type: Dialog with Object.
  • Added the ability to have no interact time for interact objectives.
  • The name displayed in the reticle for interact objects is now labeled with the actual name specified for that object in the map editor.
    • Boy that was hard to explain.
  • The preview image for some of the alien artifacts no longer includes a bounding cylinder.
  • The backdrop Template "Interior Sky Starfleet 01" now works with the Utopia Planitia map.
  • Updated the Utopia Planitia Foundry Map template.
    • Removed the glass doors.
    • Replaced the abominable starship with a single Nova class.
    • Added the Utopia Planitia backdrop template to the Foundry.
  • Dialog popups can no longer be set to "Objective Complete".
    • This unintended feature never actually functioned as expected.
    • They can use "Component Complete" instead".

See first post for Known Issues.
Wow, updates. Will these break existing missions? I think I have quite a few dialogues set to appear using obj complete.

This also eliminates the sector space trick.

I love it that we're getting updates, but some changes are big enough that a ton of missions may need to be redone.