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06-08-2012, 01:34 PM
I can agree an end date would be a good way to go, the limited number of slots was kind of my take on that... I plan on expanding the story as I think I've got a really nice one lined up in my head (to be put down in notepad soon) but what I'd really like to do is hard to pull off because the fact the tech simply isn't in the foundry yet.

that being a timed relay mission across leading up to a prize at the end. my best example would be The Legend of Zelda: ocarina of time and the biggoron sword relay where one would have to run around and pick up an item for person A, exchange it for an item with person B, and so on and so forth until you're able to get the item that person A really needs, and in return gives you an item you can use.. it's much like the doff chains but with a real story element to them...

Drazur_Southclaw thank you for your input and the 100Dt ... I was happy to see someone played it and even put in for the drawing.

for those asking about what happens if the 10,700 play/tips are met.. the drawing would ideally be held until the asked amount of 1.07m Dt was met but I know that could take forever and by then who knows... the ship might be out on the C-Store by then... If something like that where to happen I'd end up taking the pool of names and drawing from who was there and award the ship at a loss on my end.

currently at last check Drazur_Southclaw would win the ship as they are the only entry... it would be a huge loss on my end and the odds of me being able to repeat the offer with another ship are so slim I'd have to really think about it if I did have another ship to offer up.