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06-08-2012, 03:19 PM
Cruiser on cruiser duals are the sort of thing you have to clear a calendar for.

I took it out, tooled it up, went into STF and Ker'rat using an Engineer. Here's what I used:

6 phaser beam arrays, 2 photons.
Resiliant Mk X [cap]x3 (I've had this forever, it's more or less a MACO Mk X without the extra bonus)
Borg Engine
Borg Deflector
Borg Console, Neutronium Armour, Sif Generator, Nadeon Detonator (PSW-ified photon torps)
Field Generator x 2, Oberth Console
Phaser Relay x 2

Also had two purple conn-officers for reducing Tactical Team cooldown, and 3 blue or purple projectile weapons doffs for photon spam.

TT1, BO2
EPTS1, RSP1, Aux2sif 2, EWP3
EPTS1, Extend1, Extend2 (Aceton Beam1 for STF/PVE)


It wasn't exactly a heavy hitter, even for a cruiser, but it wasn't without teeth either. Overload 2 and the nadeon detonator enhanced photon gave it a small spike damage capability. IAlso, using photons and the torp doffs, it was pushing out decent kinetic damage against unshielded targets without actually having a regular torpedo buff, although the PSW torpedo was handy at times, even caught a BoP pilot unawares with it. And it wasn't too hard to time overload to co-incide with slipping emergency to weapons in between emergency to shields.

Aceton beam in STFs was useful for rendering a tac cube's weapons fire nigh on useless for the duration, but the second extend was much more useful in PVP. The warp plasma was useful all around, I'd forgotten how much damage that can do to be honest. Snarled up several groups of probes in KA and premature Spheres in Infected, and the damage was a nice and surprising bonus.

Separated, it was able to keep up with more awkward to heal escorts who don't get that the blue line from my ship to theirs is help, and it was also handy in dumping plasma on people's faces, something it's generally a bit too cumbersome to perform with anything approaching precision whilst in one piece.

It took an absolute kicking in Ker'rat, and even prior to my getting the doffs to get tactical down to global, it was tanking quite handily. All in all though, I just missed my Nebula. I know it's probably not a popular notion, but I'd really like it if the Galaxy R's boff layout mirrored the Nebula's, with science and engineering slots swapped around. It'd be a good, interesting layout I think, without messing with the Oddy's mojo, and aside from losing a Lt cmdr engineering power for a science one, the old builds would still be largely portable. I had a huge nostalgia kick flying it though, but I really felt like I had to work around the ship, it's not at all flexible, which is ironic considering it's supposed flexibility/modularity on screen.

Edit: For solo play, I'd probably have ditched the extends for Aux2dampers, but I didn't try it out. But if you want to make a sluggish cruiser turn, that's a much better option than RCS consoles, which with a base turn rate below a certain value, are next to worthless anyhow. It'd be interesting to try DBB/turrets as well, but only on the stardrive section. With the ship in regular mode, it'd both look and perform ridiculously.