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06-08-2012, 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by Kirkfat View Post
Wow, updates. Will these break existing missions? I think I have quite a few dialogues set to appear using obj complete.

This also eliminates the sector space trick.

I love it that we're getting updates, but some changes are big enough that a ton of missions may need to be redone.
Most of the changes will not cause existing missions to not automatically republish. However, there are a few things that will require the author to fix up their mission first.

We ran validation on the entire Holodeck Foundry project database, so we think/hope we've got a fairly good idea of what to expect with regard to any incompatibility issues.

It's also worth noting that the options we removed weren't actually functioning correctly, at least not consistently.

And to answer your question asked in a follow-up post, there is an option to set a headshot with Dialog with Object (it's under Advanced Dialog, once you create that objective).

EDIT: Just re-read your question -- currently there are no new headshot images available.