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06-08-2012, 06:08 PM
The Foundry changes look good good except for the part about Dialogue pop-ups no longer being allowed to be set to Objective Complete. Yeah, it's not a change really in that it doesn't work now, but I'd have liked to see a fix rather than just having it removed.

The problem is you can't just substitute component complete, because sometimes the objective is a reach marker. And you can't always substitute component reached in that case, because that will trigger as soon as that area is entered, even if the objective to reach that area doesn't happen until later.

It's not like it changes anything as we've already had to use workarounds, but this still disappoints me.

Also has the incorrect Dialogue Pop-Up Objective In Progress error been fixed, or was that just removed too? Objective In Progress actually worked fine in testing, it just wouldn't allow testing due to that erroneous error message.