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06-08-2012, 07:30 PM
Originally Posted by U.S.S.Bloodmage
I found this response by Heretic in another post to be interesting. If you dont understand the correlation between quotes, Heretic is basically saying that the boost to Transphasic Torpedoes will supposrt Science Captains running full power to Auxiliary and Shields Subsystems with minimal power to Weapons. My question is very simple. Do the developers intend for Captains piloting Science Ships to be piloting those ships with MINIMAL weapons power and maximum power to the shields and auxiliary subssytems? Or did the developers intend for Captains piloting Science Ships to use weapons power like either of the other two classes; run a minimum of 3 beams, and use full auxiliary power when put on defense or to deliberately make aux based powers to hit harder depending on the circumstance?
the B'rel isn't always a science ship, but mine is. the intent seems clear with enhanced battle cloak, which is still easily defeated by a comm signal (though I digress). with or without transphasic boost, the B'rel is a torpedo/ minelayer/ sci ship, and torpedo builds can still work for others.

on the other hand, you still can key bind different power settings for aux and for weapons. I could do that in my B'rel as well, though I have a Hegh'ta for that.

the torpedo thing just allows me to run one setting. set it and forget it. I don't see how this is the definitive dps setting for science ships, though. my Hegh'ta can run dhcs for dps as well with the cool down on sci abilities, you don't need max aux all the time, right ?