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06-08-2012, 08:51 PM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
I'm not sure about the Graviton Beam being a stun, I thought it only disabled Aux power and did a knock back. .
correct. and its pretty useless in PVP..also alot of ppl love the MACO set which is OK for tank and really the only piece thats really worth getting is the Shield..then get the Omega Def for the Acc bonus and then a Borg Engine+ Console for the heals. the rest fall into abilities. Also Grav well is pretty useless in PvP as well.

Alot of people get PvE and PvP builds confused and what alot of people dont realise is that PvP builds are pretty much universal in effectiveness whereas PvE build are pretty much only effective in PvE..its always better to not only use a PvP build but also equipment bought from exchange where u have more control of the buffs (acc, Crth ect) and also teh BORG buff isnt really all the useful in STFs even so why use a weapon that u lose a buff to BORG when its only good for STFs?