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06-09-2012, 09:19 AM
Thanks for playing guys, now to quickly address an issue;

grylak said; "The visits to Spacedock were pointless... The frenegi called me human... but an interesting plot."

Thanks for the kind words grylak. To fix these issues; I am replacing the "humon" with Starfleet and the trip to Spacedock might seem pointless but is just my way of giving the player an intermission. I am an old lady in real life and I have to go pee sometimes. Sometimes I get kicked in the middle of a mission. As you all know starting where you left off gives you many loading screens before you get back to your bookmark. Also the stop over at Spacedock is also to sell items in your inventory or as I said in the mission refit the ship. I could omit the last visit. But since you can transwarp to Spacedock is this a very big issue?

Also I have noticed some things I messed up on like the typo "driods" instead of "droids"...

PLEASE tell me this stuff people!!