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06-09-2012, 09:07 AM
It wasn't so much as the travel time, it was loading up 4 screens (sol system, then spacedock interior, then sol system, then back to sector space) just to get one comm message that could have been handled via the ship comms, especially given how ESD has a tendancy to load slow due to all the players running around there. By all means, have little intermissions, I liked the zipping about to other systems. I just felt having to go through all that loading was pointless for what we got from the mission. If we met someone face to face, or had a couple of other little objectives while on spacedock interior, like getting something that was essential for the ship's refit, or even having little incidents with the secretary (I can't remember his name), it would have made waiting through those loading screens a bit more worth it. Or we got the comm while in the sol system map, so we don't have to load up the inside map if we want to carry on straight away.

I would have gone into more detail in my review, but space is limited on those things.

As well as the plot, I also really liked that secretary guy, and the conversation on DS9 about time dilation.