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I dont normally pug a STF but yesterday I did and I had a team of 4 Oddys with Rainbow beams doing less then 50 DPS while I was hitting 1000+ with my AP dual cannons and Turrets, I said to one of them who was able to use GW2 to go to the gate and stop the nanite ships, he said he will but he then went over to the other set of gens and managed to pop them all which resulted in a massive wave of nanite ships, spheres and probes but the oddys had no affect and i destroyed most of them before the player that caused them to come went and stayed out the battle as he was 100km away causing the optional to fail, yet he was stealing all the loot by clicking need and called me and the rest of his fleet buddies noobs, he continued like this till the end of the mission. Turns out his fleet specialise in rainbow ships