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Hello from Stonewall Council. Stonewall Council was formed to provide a welcoming comunity for the LGBTQH community in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic gaming environment. We are now including Star Trek Online. We have members from around the world, so finding friends shouldn't be a problem.

Confused by the LGBTQH? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, and Heterosexuals. Our goal is to achieve an enjoyable game playing environment for everyone.

We have a website, mumble server and various events throughout the week. We are an 18 and over guild. So at times there may be adult content, but harassment, illegal acts/subjects, or any disrespectful communication is not tolerated.

Stonewall Council doesn't limit itself to one faction, so we welcome all players. All guilds are handled under the same rules and leadership. If interested in joining, check us out at