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06-09-2012, 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by havokreaper View Post
Not sure where this goes sorry if in wrong forum or been suggested before.
New commander level engineer skill. "Eject warp core"
its in the show and i think would be cool the ability to eject our warp cores, the ability ejects the core and after a short time it explodes in a large radius moderate AOE dammage explosion.
as a negative side effect you lose a base ammount of system power acrosst the board for say 15 to 30 secs

what do you guys think
Your ejecting the thing that produces power for the whole ship, yes they have some fusion generators for back up power but what do you expect to do once the warp core is gone? Life Support, Low impulse? Shields and Weapons aren't going to be online.

To put it into perspective imagine the engine in your car is overheating and on fire so you eject it. Your car can no longer drive as it has no engine. It doesn't just restart after 30s.

That being said it would make an interesting start to a mission, you get a cut scene to eject the warp core than your dead in space waiting for rescue, repel a raiding party. Try and find an alternative power source. Run a Shuttle mission to get some supplies for your ship and get help. Wire the shuttles and auxillery craft into the power grid to keep life support going.

But as for a player ability it's essentially abandon ship without scuttling the ship to keep it out of enemy hands.