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06-09-2012, 04:54 PM
Hi Danzimax! Welcome! I believe I can answer all of your questions.

- do you allow only single characters to recruit or do you also take alts when recruiting the main character? Reason for this question is I regulary change between my characters.

As Freeman said, we don only allow one character in the main fleet, since we are regularly close to the 500 member cap. Your other alts are welcome in the 12th Reserve Fleet and the House of 12. We do have a chat channel that is used across all characters, so you would be connected to the 12th regardless of what character you're on.

- is MACO division also space STF?

Yup. I'm in MACO and lately I do more space STFs than ground. Some of our members do space only, and some of the division members do ground only.

- how ofter do I have to login per week?

Most divisions have a one-month activity rule; a few have a 2 week rule. This means that you would have to log in (with the character that is in the main fleet) at least once a month or once every two weeks to remain in the fleet.

- am I required to use TS3 from STFs?

Generally no. Some people occasionally run the STFs to get the elite ground optionals accolade (as those can be difficult to get), and some times those leaders will ask that TS be used. 99% of the STFs I have run with the fleet have had at least one person not on TS and it has never been a problem.

As a fleet general rule, TS use is encouraged but not required.

- do you have a klingon fleet? and do I have to apply seperately?

Yes we do, the House of Twelve, and you do not have to apply separately.

- do you have european players who play STFs regualry?

Absolutely. I'm from Canada, but I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I often play during the day, which is Europe's evening. There are always lots of people online at that time, and STFs are almost always being run then too.

- are there any regualar contributions I have to give to the fleet, like EC, materials, or dilithium?

Nope. You can always choose to donate things you don't need to the fleet bank, but no one will pressure you to do that, or even ask you to.

I presume you have visited our website, but if you haven't, the link is Let us know if you have any more question!