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06-10-2012, 04:47 AM
An interesting question!

Some of my favourite Star Trek TV episodes are the ones where the characters are either feeling no inhibitions ('The Naked Now', 'The Naked Time' etc.) or where the captain and crew are forced to act out of type ('Qpid', 'I, Mudd' etc.) so that's the type of mission I tend to feel like writing.

One of my first missions makes use of this as part of the main plot, that the characters are forced to focus on Starfleet protocol when they find everything funny. Good fun! But some of the feedback for it in the reviews indicates that more than a few people really didn't appreciate themselves and their crew being forced to act in a certain way. And that's a fair enough comment too, I reckon. Quirkiness just irritates some people, and video games are the one place where we should feel like we have absolute control.

So what to do?

In my next mission, I made 3 fresh academy recruits part of the story and applied all the quirkiness to them. So that I could still apply the storytelling that I wanted to, but wouldn't be compromising the integrity of the players character and crew.

In this example, I found Character Pieces to be more of a necessity than a choice. But there's still plenty of mission I haven't written yet, so who knows?

An excellent question, XR-337 - great food for thought.