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06-10-2012, 03:42 PM
Originally Posted by James_Bailey
I think that we need to be able to design the interior using a foundry tool and the ship should starbase should be populated by out characters in the fleet that are not in-game. That would be cool to walk past your own toon when walking down the corridors. AND they will (could) be in the appropriate uniform.. No NPC's except for DOFFS and the transporter and shuttle bay officer
The interior would be a nice addition, but I wouldn't mind it being put to the side for future updates on the system once it gets up and running. Perhaps needing to buy a dedicated Foundry slot for the feature using dilithium, and then using GPL to unlock the feature on the base while in-game. GPL is used a lot for fluff anyway, so adding more fluff uses to it would give us more reason to play some Daboooooooooo! (Off-Topic: I'd actually like a more functional use for GPL, though, and I don't mean in Doff missions.)

Originally Posted by Tallex
Wouldn't mind some sort of "Ship Crafting" system. Something better than the Delta Flyer Crafting.
Originally Posted by James_Bailey
I really think that this is something that they are look at. I would like to see us able to recycle old ships to help craft new ones.
Originally Posted by Halaran
Been suggesting this. Or help craft stations, one.
I've also suggested something like this, as I'm sure many others have, including yourselves, Halaran, James and Tallex. The only problem with crafting new ships is the time it would take to make X amount of new ship models on Dev's end. They could simply bypass that though, and allow the player to use the model of one of the ships he/she is deconstructing for parts. I'd actually prefer that in order to add some mystique into knowing exactly what type of ship your opponent is flying.

...and don't get me started on the crafting system. With starbases coming, I think it's a perfect opportunity to introduce some new reasons to have some Master Crafters around in the fleet.