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06-10-2012, 03:01 PM
Originally Posted by bumperthumper
The interior would be a nice addition, but I wouldn't mind it being put to the side for future updates on the system once it gets up and running. Perhaps needing to buy a dedicated Foundry slot for the feature using dilithium, and then using GPL to unlock the feature on the base while in-game. GPL is used a lot for fluff anyway, so adding more fluff uses to it would give us more reason to play some Daboooooooooo! (Off-Topic: I'd actually like a more functional use for GPL, though, and I don't mean in Doff missions.)

That's one of the issues with this game. In Star Trek, Latinum was used for commerce wherever there was a Ferengi and Ferengi were everywhere. GPL should have been the main currency in this game and EC should not exist.