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06-10-2012, 07:04 PM
Could I post about the best STF experience? I have just leveled up my Lib Borg-ette tac captain to VA, and have just started the STFs with her. This was my first go at KASN with her (my main toon is a sci captain), so I am adjusting to STF play with a tac.

Entered the mission, immediate team chat (wow!!). Two guys went left, two to the right, which is kinda odd for Khitomer Accord in my experience. Asked where do you want me, and I got an answer. I pretty much went between the gates, assisting in spheres and probes so the two mini-teams could concentrate on the transformers and generators on each side. Left side popped both transformers at almost the exact same time and then we got the gate. Went over to assist right side with gate, it went down quickly. Optional successful! Then we dispatched Donatra insanely fast.

I think the entire run took maybe 10 minutes tops. My hat is off to this awesome PUG. To the other four guys who ran KASN with my toon Four of Four, I salute you, you guys ROCK.

And then I ran KAGN with the same toon, optional failed, ran in the IMR and got my accolade, but respawned at the very beginning of the map, and was unable to run back to the boss room in time to grab my loot for the run, as the team had eliminated the boss by the time I respawned. *sigh* Oh well...