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06-10-2012, 08:21 PM
Originally Posted by Kirkfat View Post
BF has been responding to you many times. You're not returning to the thread to clarify your issue, if I'm not mistaken.
Then I guess he should have returned my messages as I've tried contacting him a couple of times now....

Considering how many times people have come to the forums complaining about gm tickets being ignored or autoclosed, folks complaining about how reports here in the forums are being ignored (Nice sig by the way Kirkfat. You may want to check it's size. No disrespect intended but you;re one of the players I;ve reported and it seems to have gone nowhere. ) and all of the threads from folks wondering where their tickets are going, I really don't think that it's a comprehension problem on their part.

edit: I also don't respond to rudeness. A couple of his responses were out of line. Those reports were ignored. I would really like to talk to his boss actually but I know it won't go anywhere.

And before you pass me off as just a crank, please kindly go back through my posts here and see how many I;ve made trying to help folks. All all the time I've spent in ESD trying to help with questions. Or at the first night of mining. (God, that was a pain. Still can;t believe they didn;t do anything in the way of a tutorial.)

reedit: It also doesn;t help when they ignored the major problem of colored text fonts here in the forums. Every other forums I help out in has an option to change back to the default theme and/or remove color. Some of us don;t have 20/20 vision. That complaint fell on deaf ears. Someone on staff is a bigot as far as I;m concerned.