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06-11-2012, 02:42 AM
PvP awakening
I have played many mmos and tried many pvp systems. After playing a few pvp matches on sunday using a good solid escort and cruiser. I feel I have a better grasp and understanding of pvp in sto. I recently made a post about how I felt the cruiser was underpowered damage wise compared to the escort/BOP that raigned over all. Some good solid posters pointed out how wrong I was and gave me a link to some pvp guides in these pvp forums. I found the information solid and I moved forward.

In each match I played Fed against Fed, or Fed against Klingon I found one probem. This problem being the overpowering Carrier. I threw insane amounts of dps at it with my escort. It hardly scratched it. When it was not being healed by others, it could heal itself indeffently until it was out of range or found another healer to support itself. I believe a simple nerf to the carrier would fix this problem. It contains two LT commander stations, along with a Commander station and lastly a Liutenant tacticle. This makes the ship overpowering in the area of survial if any Engineer or science officer goes to use one. They will be able to lay down heals and repairs like no cruser, no science, and no escort in the tier 5. No cruiser, no science, no escort of Tier five contains two tactical commander stations plus a commander, and then a Lt spot to top it off. Some may say well it has a bad turn rate, well so do allot of cruisers, but you dont see them getting two LT commander spots do you?

I also had the chance to take on some of the Empires Bird of preys, first and foremost there Battle cloak DOES NOT make them op. In the rare off chance a player who was flying one of these that were against me, there was some ELITE pilots out there sunday. Some of those BoP pilots I couldnt keep up with in my Defiant. I thought I was good, and then I found out I need to be better hehehe.

With the disturbing realization that cryptic was purposly making carriers op in pvp. I wanted to see just how bad things had gotten. I then went to K7 the old pvp station in sto. I found MK X gear for sale, but not pvp only orianted gear. Cryptic this is another basic rule of mmos you do not seem to understand. Its bad enough you break the most basic of basic, by not supporting the KDF to make this game a two faction game. Its worse that you do not understand for pvp to survive there must be incentive for players to pvp. Gear is the first step twords that, having pvp gear that can ONLY be obtained by pvping. I want star trek online to suvive and to go forward. If you continue to ignore the basics of a mmo, this game will die.

My final points are this if carriers were not in those pvp matches I played in, they would have been a whole lot more enjoyable. Cruisers would have had purpose, but as it is right now why should a ordinary mmo player go with a crusier? When they can have a carrier with more birdge officer power then any tier 5 ship. The amount of damage needed to take down a carrier is insane with or without heals. This mean even with a escort its far too extreme. In a cruiser you might as well be spitting spit balls at those darn carriers. Allot of good it will do you.

Lastly on a lore point. In the TOS episode journey to bable, was the first time that a escort like ship was seen and supported in the star trek universe. If you listen to the descrption of the small ship attacking the Enterprise. You find it vary similiar to the Description sisko gives of the Defiant. A overloaded ship for its size. The only differance was that ship was a one way trip in the TOS time pariod. Battle cruisers have been the foremost Iconic ship in the star trek unvierse. Yet carriers have not been seen in ANY episode, and ANY movie in the star trek universe. I think if Gene Roddenberry wanted Carriers in the universe he created he had plenty of time to get them in TOS as well as TNG. You can try to bring RL Naval tradations in all you want. My privious point shuts carriers down in the star trek univers . This is whats so fustraiting about a carrier being the main piece and op piece in a star trek pvp engagement

I recently posted a somewhat smaller topic that covered some of this, but I was not satisfied with its lack of detail. This is why I posted this topic above. Heres the link to my post, that I thought was lacking in detail.