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06-11-2012, 02:49 AM
Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
The easiest way is to use a branching map dialogue and use "dialogue prompt reached" trigger to have different results.

Even if the different spawns are actually triggered by interacting with different objects, it's often easier to use a branching dialogue to process the triggers.
Funny, I ended up making alternate variants of invisible objects CREATED from said dialogue xD

Edit: I just hope people will remember to talk to K'rek - otherwise they won't get their second MDC fragment if they released him (and yes, i improved upon your base concept )

Re-edit: To be more specific, while Atlas Affair only used the MDC at the end of the mission, I'm using it from the moment the player gets it to branch the story as hard as I can. For example, if you activate some holograms to assist you, you'll proceed through the Explorer faster, which means that instead of being gassed and taken to the brig, you'll beam into a Starfleet-controlled brig and the Explorer will suffer a lot less casualties. I'm also thinking of making the MDCs transfer between any sequels for even greater continuity

Re-re-edit: Oh, by the way, when is the 5th mission coming out? I liked the ones so far, other than the fake warp effect that tended to freak me out. I'm even basing my own mission on Atlas Affair - it just built up to that, forcing me to make the REAL story happen in a later sequel

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