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06-11-2012, 04:22 AM
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PvP awakening

My final points are this if carriers were not in those pvp matches I played in, they would have been a whole lot more enjoyable. Cruisers would have had purpose, but as it is right now why should a ordinary mmo player go with a crusier? When they can have a carrier with more birdge officer power then any tier 5 ship. The amount of damage needed to take down a carrier is insane with or without heals. This mean even with a escort its far too extreme. In a cruiser you might as well be spitting spit balls at those darn carriers. Allot of good it will do you.

Carriers do NOT have more BO slots then other T5 ships. At the moment the most OP ships are the C-stroe Oddys and the Lockbox ships. That is 5 cruisers and one Escort. If you think that a Cruiser is worse at tanking or DPS then the carrier you are mistaken.

Carrier pets are CC units, their DPS is neglible, as they can be destroyed. A Sci oddy has SA (~33% dmg increase without added energy drain) and 8 weapons slots.

So in short Cruisers rule all atm. Carriers are not OP.