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# 510 Teams are best
06-11-2012, 05:22 AM
The best thing to do is instead of Pugging is to form a team from your friends list or fleet mates as a lot of pugs do not like to use chat and most of them seem to think a STF is a normal mission which cannot be failed as someone said this to me today while i was in a STF. The guy was doing an elite for the first time as he admitted he was new to the game and he wanted help with doing Cure Space Elite and he asked me to help him with the Probes and he followed my instructions, Middle Probes, right probes, right Cube middle Cube then the left probes and cube, but the others on the team decided to all hang about near to the Kang and just sit there so I had to run back and forth killing BoPs and heal the kang(bare in mind i was in a Qin Raptor) while the other guys sat there and chatted s*** about me and the new guy and needed everything. However we managed to complete the optional with 2 seconds to spare and me and the new guy killed the carrier as he was working really well in the team and following instructions and healing me and debuffing the carrier as I dealt the damage