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06-11-2012, 06:23 AM
Did a good batch of ESTFs over the weekend.

Bad News: I STILL need my MkXII KHG Armor... >.<

Good News: I've finally managed to grab my MKXII Weapon Tech.

Hurrah! I'm slightly disappointed now though, since my Klink Sci won't be tanking Armek any more - after all that practice I was beginning to get it down to a fine art... but at least I've finally managed to get my tactics down well enough to solo an Elite Tac Drone...

I also found out that my latest Kar'fi build can take out an entire KASE side (cubes, transformers, gate whilst ALSO killing the probes) solo in less time than four other failboats could. I'm still not sure if that one was a really really good run or a really really bad run!!

In a later attempt I had a helper on my side doing probe duty which left my Kar'fi free to just kill stuff. It got ridiculous. I ended up soloing both transformers and the gate, then flying over to the far side, helping the other three ships kill the Sphere/Probe spawn, soloing ANOTHER transformer and then helping the rest kill the second gate whilst dealing with the Sphere/Probes as they popped out. We got the optional.

My most memorable STF experience of the weekend though was Fedside. I got a very random comment along the lines of "RIPSTAR... YOU ROCK, I LOVE YOU MAN!!!" in KASE teamchat. (Ripstar being my Federation Tac Captain who was flying a Nebula Retrofit at the time) I was slightly incredulous given that I had already managed to die once that mission due to a badly timed Gate torpedo shot... but it seemed that the guy who'd assumed probe duty on my side of the map simply wasn't used to seeing a Science vessel that could kill stuff. For my part, I was just thankful to find someone who could handle three probes at a time. He kept killing probes, I killed the rest. Our side's Cubes/Transformers/Gate died, and we made it over to the other side in time to help secure the optional.

And I ended up tanking Donata.
Always fun.

I maintain that the solution to putting up with rainbow boats in ISE or KASE is to build a ship that can basically solo the entire mission. My Nebula may be slower than the Kar'fi, but it gets the job done.