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06-11-2012, 10:45 AM
Hello again boys, I only have one mission on my account I hope it won't be infected too badly. I will say this again here. This is why we need an advanced editor to edit those scripts and not just a fancy GUI. IF Cryptic Programmers hear this, we need a no thrills text only advanced option so we can make rapid changes to the missions. -- That is my opinion.

Now my hubby said this;
"In the past, I have made changes to software this in essance made some options (for the most part unused) unavailable. When I did, I made certain that the updated software was backwards compatible. I can only hope the programmers of Star Trek Online are cut from the same cloth."
Ok backwards compatible sounds good to me. So I am going to just cross my fingers. When exactly will these changes occur? Do we have a date?