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06-11-2012, 11:30 AM
its relatively easy but there is still a bit of a learning curve at first. these tutorials may help.

States are basically when an object appears or disappears on the map. so for example you want to have a contact beam in.

you could place a reach marker onto the map. add a contact onto the map and go into the states for that contact. the first option will say hidden - immediately - to visible. change 'immediately' to 'on component reached' and then select the reach marker you placed on the map.

now when the player reaches that marker the contact will appear.

or you may want an object to disappear when a mission objective completes. so place your object and go to states. leave the first option as immediately as you want it to start on the map, then go down to the one that says visible - never - hidden. change 'hidden' to 'objective complete' and then pick the objective from the mission goals on the storyboard.

so when that part of the mission is complete the object will disappear.

i hope that is somewhat clear. it can be quite tricky at first. either way States are not that important to simple mission construction. this is the more advanced stuff and you can pretty much ignore that if you want to begin with.