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06-11-2012, 11:34 AM
Well, yeah, that's what the token would do. It would boost all stats and create another boff slot. All the way up to T5. I guess to make the coding easier, they would have to be all universal boff slots. Or you just place what slot you want where.

Obviously we aren't talking 5 Commander slots on a ship. It would allow for 1 Commander, 1 Lt. Commander, 1 Ensign of 1 class. 1 Lt. Commander of another and 1 Lieutenant of another. You make it how you want.

This would be the whole point to spending a ton of cash to get the boxes to get the tokens to upgrade the ship how you want. And also making it so there are very few of these custom ships in game as opposed to making a T5 Connie available and everyone going crazy for one.

It evens out the field.