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06-11-2012, 01:09 PM
Queued up ISE and was put into an existing team, I have to say I am really sick of this happening. Option was gone, only three other players on the team. They were struggling with the spheres on the left transformer.

I help them clean up the spheres and we get the trans down. We move onto the other side and go to work on the cube. Now we are only three because one team member has parked at the bottom of the gate and is shooting at it.

We actually take down the cube fairly fast and get all the gens to ten percent. We blow the gens and kill the trans.

This is where it really falls apart. The person at the bottom of the gate was drawing allot of the spheres, than another person uses their repulsers to push the rest of the spheres to the gate. Now we have about 6-7 spheres right on the gate and of course the cube also get's drawn to the gate.

It was a blood bath battling all the spheres, the gate, and the cube. Another person drops out, there are only three of us now. Manage to clean up the spheres and kill the gate.

Now the three of us try the tact cube. I'm a tact in a fleet escort and do pretty good damage. Another is a sci in a adv escort and they seem to do decent damage. The last is a tact in the star cruiser with rainbow beams, they are doing no damage to the point where the cube doesn't even pay attention to them. I actually parked and watched as their attacks were all around 19, 25, 7, 18.

The cube is a struggle, whenever myself or sciscort make a run on the cube it immediately focuses all fire on to us. We are all struggling to stay alive and end of blowing up quite a few times. Gotta love the invisible torps.

Eventually we get the cube down to about 30 percent. Then we are all killed and everyone has 1min plus respawn times. I watch as the cube goes to full shields, then full hull. Well this is to much, I bail.

Totally time elapsed was close to 40 minutes, that doesn't include the existing players time that were there at the start. It was very painful and to top it off I get hit with a leaver penalty. Total FAIL.